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"Leonardo DiCaprio's Basic Stats and Facts!"

"Did you know that......."

~Leonardo hates baths:"I don't like to be submerged in water"...
~He used to steal bubbelgums...
~He admitted he had to cry when he saw the movie "King Kong"
~Leonardo has trouble to sit still in expensive restaurants
~He loves getting free stuff,"One of my favorite things"..
 Leonardo say's
~He has got a secret language with coded words wich he and 
 his friends use, no outsider can understand...
~He hates to talk infront of a big audience, in fact leonardo 
 is very shy in public...
~He is afraid of death, but he believes in live after death
 and supernatural things...
~He dated Kristen Zang for 15 months, during the shoot of 
 "Titanic", Kristen ended their relationship because she
 was convinsed that their love wouldn't survive all the 
 publicity surrounding Leonardo after "Titanic" was released,
 Leonardo was feeling very hurt ...
 Kristen told a friend in tears, that she loved him 
 very much but did the right thing ..,
 "After the pain is over ..,he will be gratefull.."
 Kristen said. 
~Leonardo and Claire Danes didn't get along "off set"!...
~Leonardo "NEVER" dated Bridget Hall
~Leonardo loves Brunnetes but also likes blonds
~Leonardo saw River Phoenix on the night he died, 
 they waved at eachother because it was very busy,
 Leonardo really wanted to talk to him later on, but a few
 hours later River died
~He said that:"Every movie I will make after Titanic,
 will be a peace of cake!...
~He and Kate Winslet are very close but only as friends...
~Leonardo is very temperture sensitive, he hates coldness...
~He really hates his body, he thinks it's to small and thin...
~Leonardo has a passion to meet people and then imitate them...
~He once admitted that he wanted to be an actor so all the
 girls could see him and he could be cool...
~He would make a fart in the coat he had to wear for "Titanic"
 and then threw the coat over Kate's head, and laugh like hell...
~Kate and Leonardo pied whenever they had to, in the huge tank
 where "Titanic" was filmed...
~leonardo was really to burned up after doing "Titanic",
 But Did The Man in the iron mask anyway...
~He went to see a lot off Art Galleries with his mom while he 
 was in Paris filming TMITIM,And girls would rip his clothes off
 at The Louvre and follow him everywhere he went...
~Leonardo is single now, and like to stay single for a while...

"Leonardo DiCaprio's basic Stats!"

***Full name:Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio
***Born:November 11, 1974 Los Angeles-CA
***Sign:Sun in Scorpio-Moon in Libra
***Height:6 ft- 183 cm
***Weight:140 lbs- 83 kg
***Haircolor:Dirty blond
***Mother:(German)Irmalin Indenbirken-Former legal seccretary
***father:(Italian)george DiCaprio-Underground comic book writer
***Stepbrother:Adam Farrar(Starr)-former actor
***Residence:He currently lives in a rented beach-house in Malibu.
***Languages he speaks:Almost fluently German-and a little Italian
***Instruments he play's:Leonardo used to play the organ
***Favorite vacation place:Germany 
***Favorite Cities:New York and San Fransisco
***Favorite food:Pasta-pasta and Pasta... 
   He also loves german food and cheeseburgers
   and fries drowning in ketchup
***Favorite drink:Diet coke-Fruitopia-Lemonade
***Favorite colors:Dark green - he also likes purple and black
   (for clothes)
***House pets:He used to have a dog (rotweiler) called baby,
   who was epileptic and very lazy, he died last year...
   He has a lizzard named "Blizzard" who was almost killed
   during the "Titanic" shoot  when a truck run over him.
   He was pretty lucky though 'cos he survived...
***Favorite TV show:The Twilight Zone
***Favorite movie:The three "Godfather" films
***Favorite actors:Robert de Niro-Jack Nicholson-Al Pacino 
   and Marlon Brando
***Favorite actress:Meg Ryan
***Favorite Music:Rap -nas- Wu Tang , that sort of thing 
***Favorite musiscian:Harry Connick jr.,Stevie Wonder
***Favorite Band:The Beatles-Pink Floyd-Led Zeppelin
***Favorite song:"Sitting on the dock of a bay"-By Otis Redding 
***Favorite book:"The old man and the sea"-By Ernest Hemmingway
***Favorite Hobbies:He loves to play pool and basketball with his  
   friends, he also is addicted to his playstation.
***Best Friends:Puff daddy-Mark Walhberg-Tobey Maguire- Bijou Phillips-Sara Gilbert and Lucas Haas ***Favorite hangouts: "Bash" in Miami-"Tunnel and Life" in New York-"Sky Bar-Barfly and Millenium" in Los Angeles ***Best quality:He has a good sence of humor and he almost never gets angry ***Worst quality: He procrastinates ***Bad Habbits:Twisting his hair-smoking and biting his nails ***Leonardo has a scar on his right-upper arm , he was bitten by a jelly fish...

Leonardo with his pet lizzard "Blizz"...

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