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"Are you ready to go back to Titanic...?"

"Brock lovett's dive down to the TITANIC-wreck, trying to search for "The heart of the ocean"(The hughe diamont heart, Caledon Hockley gave his fiance Rose while they joined the Titanic's first and last journey from Southampton to New York...)

"Old Rose looks at her belongings which Brock Lovett found during his dive to the Titanic..."


Rose De Witt-Bukater, a fisrtclass brought-up girl, arrives at the dock and is about to board the Titanic with her mother and her fiance, the welthy steel tycoon ' Caledon Hockley'.

*ROSE*: "Do you have my coat..?"

Meanwhile: Jack Dawson,a poor guy who tries to make pencil drawings for a living, is playing a game of poker ( trying to win a Titanic ticket) at the docks cafebar...

*JACK*:"Oke guy's...,moment of truth...Somebody's life is about to change..."

*JACK*:"I am sorry, Fabrizio..." *FABRIZIO*:"What do you mean, I'm sorry....MA FAN CULO!!" *JACK*:"I'm sorry...,you're not gonna see you're mamma again for a long time...,'Cause..WERE GOING TO AMERICA..,FULL HOUSE BOYS!!!...WOEHOEHOE!!"

Jack and Fabrizio running to board the Titanic wich is about to leave...

The Titanic sets sail to New york...

Jack and Fabrizio, looking at the dolphins below, jumping out of the sea...


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