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*Iron Mask director:Randall wallace on Leonardo*:"Leo is an independent heart, and he has integrity. To tell you the truth, Ihaven't noticed a bit of a change in him."

*Basketball Diaries costar and personal friend, Mark Wahlberg on Leonardo*:" He's the most down-to-earth person I've met, very un-Hollywood."/"He has a lot of family support, they keep him sane."


*Growing pains costar Alan Thicke on Leonardo:" We had the sence then that nothing was ever going to stop him. He just lit up the place."

*Titanic costar Billy Zane on Leonardo*:" He'll be the first to tell you we made a man out of him. you can't call him a boy anymore."/"Grossing Kate out was purely Leo's job. If he wasn't rolling back his eyelids. he was making objects d'art out of his body fluids."

*Screenwriter James Toback on Leonardo*:" Leonardo is always with one girl or another..."/"He's a very cunning, calculating shrewd and smart guy. He would run away from anybody and anything that might sabotage him. He does not want to fail."

*New York nightclub life director Steve Lewis on Leonardo*:" Leo glides through a room. He's flirty, he's accessible, he's cool. He's not a demanding kind of guy."

*Spicegirl Emma (babyspice) on Leonardo*:"I'd just like to say,'Leonardo DiCaprio..,If you're outhere...Call me!"

*Photographer Patrick McMullan on Leonardo*:"He likes to party, but isn't caught up in it."

*Leo's Marshall High classmate, Susanna Mejia on Leonardo*" He was kind of a dork, like a litlle wimpy guy."

*Leo's nineth-grade drama teacher, Helen Stringos-Arias on Leonardo*:" You just couldn't help but gravitate toward what he did. When he did his monologue, it was so moving that he had the whole class in tears."

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*Romeo and Juliet costar Claire Danes on Leonardo*:" Leo's obviously very aesthetically pleasing. He's really charismatic, very perceptive and very charming."/"Hey's truly brilliant, but I don't think we could be together romantically. We became close with the work, but we were never buddies."/"I wanted to participate in these scenes, not just to be there, so I, in a way, secuced him. I think there definitely was a spark there, but neither of us knew how to handle it."/"Leonardo and i hang out in opposite ends of the spectrum. We bonded in work, but he has about five girlfriends!"

*Titanic costar Kate Winslet on Leonardo*:"Leo an I sometimes still talk about it and say,'Oh, should we have an affair just for the hell of it?' But we wind up agreeing ,'No, we couldn't, because we'd laugh too much. We just wouldn't be able to take it seriously.'"/"And I have to say, a lot of the sexual tips he's given me have worked."/"The Rose in me, was loving the Jack in him. And even though I didn't feel that way about Leo, it was guite nice to feel that way in the scene. It was guite lovely. And then the cameras stopped rolling and he gets up and walks off. And I remember lying there thinking,'What a shame that's over. Because it seems guite nice'. And it was ."/"I was having my make up put on-with nothing on- and there was Leo. He saw me and went, WHOOOOA!,And I said,'we're going to spend the whole day like this; we might as wel get oever it now.' That broke the ice."

*Titanic director James Cameron on Leonardo*:"Leo didn't trust me a hundred percent. Leo was guestioning everything in the script. At first I was like,'Hey man ,why did you take the part? You don't seem to like anything about it.' Then there was this cathartic moment when we both just sat in my trailer and talked for a couple of hours, and we hugged at the end and went back to work."