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This page is a little tribute to Leonardo DiCaprio. I hope that you'll find everything inhere that you've alway's wanted to know about this talented young actor... I am trying to make this site as complete as possible, with up to date news and other stuff about Leonardo...

I would really appreiciate it if you would sign my guestbook, and let me know what you think of this site. Also, if you have any remarks or sugestions about this site, I really would like to hear about it ...

My name is "Philien" and I am from The Netherlands (Europe),I am 14 years of age .. I have to confess, that I never really heard about Leonardo DiCaprio untill my friends took me to the cinema to watch "Titanic"...I was really stunned about Leonardo and his talent at his age...So after I saw the movie he really got my attention!!!. I went to my local video store and rented every single movie that he played in ... After seeing them all ...I realized that he has many different acting skills... And he is also not to heavy on the eyes...LOL

Anyway ...that's why I decided to build this site ...I really hope you enjoy it ...and have fun!!!

"NOTE: At the last picture pages of each section are no LINKS present..., just use youre browsers BACK button to return to the previous page where you can make a choice to where you like to go next , my appologies..."

......HAVE FUN.......

I was away for some time so I'm a little bit behind with this site... Since I'm back now,(august 2000) I'm working on a total update!

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